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Windows Server 2012 Standard is the successor version to Windows Server 2008 R2. As the server version of the Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard offers you correspondingly up to date features. Included in these are the modern Windows 8 user interface, numerous new features and programs, and high performance versions of typical server functions.

An all-rounder in the server management field 

Windows Server 2012 Standard offers you a reliable server operating system with a modern user interface, new features and many other enhancements. The modern user interface, familiar from the Windows 8 operating system, is also used in Win Server 2012 Standard, thus optimising the system for touch screen use. If you prefer not to use the modern user interface, you have the option of a so-called core installation. This dispenses entirely with the graphical user interface and allows configuration of the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard operating system using PowerShell and the Windows command prompt. The core installation option is configured as standard in Windows Server 2012 Standard, offering you greater performance for applications. This applies especially when using SQL-Server or Hyper-V. 

As well as visual optimisations, MS Windows Server 2012 Standard contains new features such as a reworked Task Manager which categorises active processes, stops inactive processes in order to increase performance and, with a new interface, makes it easier to find applications. Further functions, such as Active Directory Domain Services, the up to date Hyper-V virtualisation platform, Microsoft Windows Azure and many others combine to make Windows Server 2012 Standard an ideal server operating system. 

New features and programs in Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard

MS Windows Server 2012 Standard provides you with a stable operating system for your server operation, which offers optimum support with numerous new developments and up to date features:

  • New interface: modern user interface optimised for touch screen operation
  • New Task Manager: reworked Task Manager for increased performance
  • SMB 3.0 support: new protocol version for faster and more stable access to file sharing
  • PowerShell 3.0: new version of PowerShell for system configuration management
  • Microsoft Windows Azure: new feature for server security on the Azure Cloud
  • Internet Information Service 8.0: management of  extended validation certificates

Apart from entirely new features and programs, Microsoft also places great emphasis with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard on always keeping the tried and tested functions up to date. These include the current version of the Hyper-V virtualisation platform and an improved version of DirectAccess. The latter has now been optimised so that the server includes IPv6 bridging technology and thus PKI is no longer necessary. 

Securer file management

As an additional security feature, Win Server 2012 Standard now has Dynamic Access Control. This regulates file access using meta data, and also works on the Active Directory security policy. Dynamic Access Control can ensure, for example, that any unauthorised access during the transfer of a file to another directory is prevented. The file is also backed up for further security. Microsoft also introduces the new ReFS file system in the new Windows Server Standard. This is an extension to the familiar NTFS and has been specially developed for data storage in file servers. 

Windows Server 2012 Standard includes the use of two physical processors. The operating system also permits the use of two additional virtual instances or machines. Thus MS Windows Server 2012 Standard is perfectly suited to small and medium sized enterprises with a moderate level of virtualisation.

Ms Windows Server 2012 Standard - System requirements

Required operating system

Windows Server 2012 Standard

ProcessorMinimum: 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
MemoryMinimum: 512 MB
Hard diskMinimum: 32 GB
Sound cardN/A

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