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If you are looking for top quality visualisation software for business use, Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 is the only alternative. This application helps you to present even extremely complicated data in the form of simple diagrams – ideal for IT management and security, or for business intelligence, as well as technical and scientific drawings. The major strong points of MS Visio Professional 2013 in comparison with similar programs are the real time links with all types of data, and the intuitive user interface.  

Visualisation with Microsoft Visio Professional 2013

Do you have a large amount of data which you would like to make more readily accessible with visualisation software? Microsoft Visio 2013 Professional helps you to process large volumes of data to make them comprehensible to everyone! For this purpose MS Visio Professional 2013 uses diagrams which are ideally suited to typical tasks in businesses and small companies. These include universally applicable graphics as well as flow charts and network diagrams. As well as having access to a large number of templates, you can also design your own diagrams.

In order to simplify your work with MS Visio 2013 Professional, the software is supplied with a large variety of different templates which are perfectly tailored to a large proportion of the tasks relevant to businesses. Compared to the Standard version of Visio, this version offers substantially more templates, customisable styles, different shapes and much more. 

Highlights in Microsoft Visio Professional 2013

  • Reworked shapes and templates as well as improved designs enable the creation of professional diagrams in just a few minutes.  
  • New automatic layout functions make it easier to add shapes in Microsoft Visio Professional 2013, and to coordinate them.
  • A reworked menu ribbon facilitates diagram design in MS Visio 2013 Professional.
  • With intelligent checking, avoid common errors when creating diagrams and verify that they comply with business rules.
  • Working with colleagues over the internet is possible even if the other person does not have access to MS Visio Professional 2013. Save your diagrams as PDF or XPS files or as web pages and share them with others.
  • You can also insert any diagrams you create with this visualisation software into other existing Office documents. It is simple to integrate your diagrams into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

MS Visio Professional 2013 for high demands

One of the primary strengths of Microsoft Visio 2013 Professional as effective visualisation software lies in the way it enables collaboration between colleagues.  For example you can work together on the same diagram in Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 - in real time and without the administrative effort required with several versions of the diagram. Furthermore, you can link MS Visio 2013 Professional with data which have been updated in real time, enabling you to see the result on the updated diagram.

It is up to you to decide where the data for your diagram comes from. Create diagrams with data from Excel, Access or SQL servers, or import them directly from SharePoint servers into Microsoft Visio Professional 2013. Thus you avoid having to duplicate the creation of datasets. Simply use data in MS Visio Professional 2013 which you have previously compiled. You can define default assignments by setting up rules, thus automating many processes. This spares time and resources, and ensures a smooth workflow.

MS Visio 2013 Professional has been developed especially for business use. There is a Standard version of this visualisation software designed particularly with self-employed people, freelancers or home users in mind.  Please note that Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 is not a component of the Microsoft Office Suite and can only be purchased separately. 

Ms Visio Professional 2013 - System requirements

Required operating system


Hard disk1000GB
Sound cardinfo

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