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The S version of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system, which was released in the summer of 2017, is inherently positioned between the Home Edition and Windows 10 Pro. In this regard, after downloading and installing, Windows 10 S shares many similarities with the Pro version. This is especially true for features such as Drive Encryption via BitLocker, as well as enterprise-centric features such as access to the Microsoft Store for business or business roaming via Azure AD. The lightweight Windows is rounded off by the start menu, which has returned to Windows 10, the performance-oriented Microsoft Edge 10 web browser and the connection to Microsoft's OneDrive cloud service. When the user automatically synchronises data with the cloud, they are accessible from all of the user's devices.

Windows faster than ever
With its latest offshoot, Microsoft has created a high-performance operating system that runs smoothly on devices with low hardware specifications thanks to its lightweight construction concept. The increase in performance is mirrored by the appropriate hardware, system start times of less than five seconds and a significantly increased battery life on mobile devices. A special setup app means the Windows 10 S Downloadcan also be installed on any computer within 40 seconds via a USB stick.

Apps performance meets the comfort of the cloud 
The performance is achieved by, among other things, the fact that data and apps are usually in the cloud and only occupy precious local memory if absolutely necessary. This keeps the system free of data fragments, so that, months later, Windows runs as fast as it did on the first day. In addition, the operating system only allows the use of apps from the Windows App Store. Since these applications are certified by Microsoft and accordingly tailored to Windows systems, the system runs much faster. Applications include the fully integrated Microsoft Edge browser and also the Microsoft Office applications available through the Windows App Store.

Safety comes first 
The linear alignment of Windows 10 S brings with it another benefit that is of particular interest to educational institutions and companies. By allowing users to install only Microsoft-certified and approved programs and apps, the security of the system and the data it contains is massively increased. This is particularly important for data security in both companies and educational institutions, especially since no unwanted malware enters the system. The automatic installation of hardware drivers via Windows Updates ensures that the driver software works perfectly with the system and does not slow it down. The operating system, which has been optimised for teaching purposes, is complemented by Microsoft Intune. This is an extensive rights management program that helps to share and lock the webcam and access to certain apps, for example.

Important Windows 10 S keyFacts

  • Automatic synchronisation of user data with Microsoft's OneDrive cloud service for flexible working, maximum performance and high data security.
  • Microsoft Intune for easy management of rights in businesses, classrooms and other educational institutions.
  • Intuitive user interface for optimised operation via mouse and keyboard as well as with input pens and touchscreens.
  • High power efficiency and long battery life on mobile devices and notebooks through optimised software.
  • High level of data security thanks to efficient local data encryption via BitLocker

Microsoft Windows 10 S Professional - System Requirement : 

Prozessor1-GHz CPU
RAM1 GB (32-Bit), 2 GB (64-Bit)
Graphics CardDirectX-9-Graphic-Processor
Sound Cardk.A.
Hard Drive16 GB (32-Bit), 20 GB (64-Bit)
ScreenMinimum resolution 800x600 pixel, recommended resolution at least 1366x768 pixel

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