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This product is electronically distributed by means of download and personalized product activation key, as issued by Microsoft. We provide both the 32 and 64-bit versions of all software, if applicable. All orders are typically fulfilled within 2 to 12 hours depending on the time zones of placement.

The Enterprise Edition of the Microsoft operating system has been tailored to the needs of companies by the Seattle-based software company. Accordingly, the Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise Download includes all features of the basic version of Windows 8 as well as the improvements of the Windows 8.1 update and various additional features that are missing in the end user versions of the operating system. In addition, the operating system features a revised interface that supports the user in using the system efficiently. A major trump card of the Enterprise Edition of Windows 8.1 is its cross-platform capability on desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Thanks to the optimized work support on touch screen devices, professional work is also comfortably possible on smart devices.

More security for corporate networks
IT security is a top priority, especially in the professional environment. With a Windows 8.1 Enterprise Key, companies get the key to maximize the security of their corporate networks without too much restricting the freedom of their employees. Part of this security concept are special user authentication methods using virtual smart cards and the possibility of using fingerprint sensors for user authentication via the Windows Biometric Framework (WBF). In addition, system administrators can use the AppLocker to centrally block access and execution of programs, scripts, clients and installation programs and to assign individual access rights. It also includes DirectAccess, which allows users to access corporate resources without the need for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

Drive Encryption and Windows To Go
Like the Enterprise version of its predecessors Windows 7 and 8, the offshoot 8.1 with BitLocker technology is designed for professional use. The drive encryption optimized for the current version allows the user to encrypt both the system drive and any hard disk drives and removable media. Especially for companies who want to know their sensitive data in security, the improved BitLocker is a big advantage. Another feature that speaks for the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Download is the practical Windows To Go function. With the help of this feature, a fully functional enterprise operating system including company applications and protected company data can be transferred to a bootable USB stick in no time at all. Ideal for working on business trips in a secure environment.

Return to old strengths
Besides all the innovations and special features, the company version also offers the convenience of the end user versions. In the Enterprise Edition, too, the Start button returns, making navigation much easier. The optional switch between the Metro surface with its characteristic tile look and the standard desktop also ensures significantly improved operation on various end devices. A Windows 8.1 Enterprise Key is therefore worthwhile for all professional users who are looking for an operating system with a modern user interface, intuitive operability and high security standards.

Key new features in Windows 8.1 Enterprise

  • Operation optimization for touch screens as well as for mouse and keyboard. 
  • Intuitive operation by returning the start button.
  • Simplified processing of company data when travelling and in mobile use by creating a portable Windows system on a USB stick (Windows To Go).
  • Central control of access to company resources without VPN connection via DirectAccess.
  • Administration of access rights and group policies via the AppLocker.
  • Secure methods for user authentication using virtual smart cards and biometric fingerprint sensors.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise - System Requirement : 

Processor1-GHz CPU
Memory1 GB (32-bit), 2GB (64-bit)
graphics cardDirectX 9 graphics processor
sound cardk.A.
hard disk16 GB (32-bit), 20 GB (64-bit)
screenminimum resolution 1024x768 pixels, recommended resolution at least 1366x768 pixels

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